Medical Affairs

The Mallinckrodt Medical Affairs Team is your direct connection to our unique expertise, providing one-to-one access to our in-depth scientific, technical, and clinical understanding of ECP Immunomodulation. Our Medical Affairs Team is also the first point of contact for any research-related inquiries.

With both field- and office-based professionals, our Medical Affairs Team:

  • Provides excellence in ECP education
    – One of our main priorities is to provide the highest standards in professional education, training and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. By doing this, we can help to develop a more informed medical community which is better placed to deliver ECP immunomodulation to the patient.

  • Champions the science we believe in
    – We are committed to advancing the scientific knowledge and clinical practice of ECP immunomodulation. This is demonstrated, notably, by the investment we have made – and will continue to make – in supporting both research and clinical trials, including investigator-initiated studies. With an overall aim to promote the sharing of scientific and clinical knowledge around ECP, our scientifically expert Medical Affairs Team is committed to building and supporting a network of HCPs, researchers and photopheresis experts.

  • Offers expert Medical Advisors for discussions or presentations on the following topics:
    – Clinical guidelines and the latest scientific evidence
    – The development of scientific articles, including help with data sourcing for upcoming publications
    – The continuous improvement of ECP Immunomodulation therapy
    – The development of scientific dossiers for reimbursement stakeholders and processes

Medical Information

Mallinckrodt Medical Information is a global function that provides balanced clinical and scientific information on Mallinckrodt products in response to requests from customers. You may contact Medical Information with medical inquiries related to Mallinckrodt products at, or full details on contacting Medical Information globally can be found here.

The THERAKOS™ CELLEX™ Photopheresis System is CE marked for the administration of photopheresis

UVADEX™ 20 MICROGRAMS/ML SOLUTION FOR BLOOD FRACTION MODIFICATION is used in conjunction with either the THERAKOS™ CELLEX™ or the THERAKOS™ UVAR XTS™ Photopheresis System, in the palliative treatment of the skin manifestations (patch plaque, extensive plaque, erythroderma) of advanced stage (T2 – T4) cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL), only in patients who have not been responsive to other forms of treatment, (e.g. puvatherapy, systemic corticosteroids, caryolysin, interferon alpha).

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